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Freestyle Session Guidelines
March 25th, 2012

The following rules apply to all Figure Skating Ice times. The purpose is to provide a smooth running skating session that allows skaters the opportunity to progress towards their individual skating goals. Under special circumstances, some deviation may occur upon agreement of the professionals and management of a particular session.

All skaters will be expected to follow the rules at all times. Should a skater choose not to obey these guidelines, he/she will be asked to leave the ice for the remainder of the session with no refund. A warning may be given, but is not mandatory in all cases. Management and/or professionals have the authority to remove a skater from the ice. 

  • All skaters must check in with management at the start of each session. There will no exceptions.
  • No one is allowed on the ice until the Zam doors are closed. When the Zamboni comes out, all skaters, including anyone doing a program run through, must stop and exit the ice promptly.
  • When entering the ice or during a lesson, skaters and coaches should check for other skaters and not interrupt the flow.
  • Program music will be played in a first come order. Coaches may cut in line for their private lesson but then must relinquish the music to the next program in line. The order is: lesson, non-lesson, lesson, non-lesson….
  • Skaters can play their music a max of 3 times per session, we ask that you do not restart your music except if you are in a lesson.
  • The skater doing his/her program to music has the right of way. While performing your program it is requested that you say “EXCUSE ME” politely to skaters in your path.
  • Group programs are not allowed during Freestyle Sessions, except during designated times. A group consists of 3 or more skaters.
  • Continuous use of the same area of ice should be avoided especially in lutz corners.
  • Skaters are to keep moving while on the ice. Please be aware of your surroundings at all times. If you need to talk, retie your skates, etc., you must leave the ice.
  • We ask that skaters do not sit or stand around the boards.
  • Parents are requested not to stand rink side for any reason, parents or skaters should not interrupt another skater’s lesson.
  • Only coaches may use the jump harness.  Please limit your harness time so everyone can take advantage of it.  While using the jump harness, you are responsible to yield the right of way to all others.
  • Skaters are asked to avoid socializing while on the ice.
  • Good attitude must be brought to every session.  No rudeness, tempers or disrespect will be tolerated.  No foul or abusive languare will be tolerated. Kicking the ice or dragging a toe pick on the ice is cause for removal from the ice.
  • All skaters must be appropriately dressed during ice sessions.
  • Please no eating, drinking (other than water) or chewing gum while on the ice.
  • Please remove all personal property from the boards when your session has ended.  Tissues and boxes should be kept off the ice.  Used tissues should be disposed of properly after your session.  Help keep our facility neat and clean by using the proper receptacles.  
  • At the end of the session, skaters should leave the ice promptly